Aiming to maximize client satisfaction

The origins of Kokurensha Inc.

After the Second World War, Japan aimed to become a member of the United Nations. It was necessary to secure funds for the activities of the "UN Association of Japan" which is the outer affiliated organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that carries out lobbying activities both domestically and abroad. Therefore, concerned parties negotiated the establishment of an advertisement company dealing with government-affiliated advertisements, and in collaboration with Prime Minister Shigeru Toki, 10 major newspaper companies nationwide (Asahi ・ Mainichi ・ Yomiuri ・ Nihonkeizai ・ Osaka ・ Tokyo ・ Chunichi ・ Nishinihon ・ Hokkaido ・ Jijishinpou Newspaper) became the main shareholder, and in 1949 "Kokurensha Inc." was born.

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Behavior policy


Three triangle behaviors of agility, flexibility and reliability realize improvement of customer satisfaction.

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  1. 2018/06/20Notice
    コロッケ初! AR絵本「ありがとうんぴ」のお知らせ
  2. 2016/12/11Notice
    Announcement of AR picture book "Tonto Millara and Magoo's Spoon"
  3. 2016/05/12Notice
    An announcement of the press conference presentation for the next generation AR loaded type application
  4. 2016/04/01Notice
    Notice of changing building name
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Official Gazette
Public notice of accounts settlement · Merger Other official announcements to "Kokurensha Inc." of a regular agency.
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A business tool that will be useful soon
It is a management support tool that solves management issues of small and medium enterprises from securing funds to attracting customers and cost management.
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Marketing strategy
Quick scope
It is a marketing tool using mobile, and it is a tool that can quickly feed customer's voice to management.
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Market Winner
A system for area promotion that is cost effective. It can be used for store development and marketing strategy.
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